Nobasu is the oriental philosophy of assisted stretching combined with the reflex actions of functional movement and controlled breathing. A mixture of eastern and western styles, Nobasu is all about being the healthiest, strongest version of yourself. Nobasu is for all age groups and improves flexibility while promoting balance and daily well being.
Our practitioners are certified in the Nobasu method which will Increase range of motion, improve stability, while reducing stress and tension.

Nobasu sessions can be scheduled either at our studio or mobile at your home or office.
Try a Nobasu complimentary session and see it work for you !

How does Nobasu work

The Nobasu method promotes stability and flexibility as the basis for good health … Most people realize as they age there is a loss of mobility and flexibility but few understand this process can be reversed and delayed … and Nobasu can do exactly that with our assisted stretching methods … however stretching is as or more important for younger people as a basis for future health and to delay the aging process. Athletes can recover peak performance faster. .. chronic conditions like back pain can improve by decompression after stretching … Nobasu promotes general well being by aligning the body and restores flexibility and mobility.

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